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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Yo Pran Kay La Pou Yo

10:28am Friday Morning

I am so ridiculously sleepy.  I don't know if it is my vitamin D or what.  Yesterday I did English lessons, they were more formal and structured.  However all three girls are at different levels.  I am going to have to structure the lessons accordingly.  After the lesson, I addressed some of the areas of concern.  I could tell that they were not happy about these new rules, but oh well.  They have had the run of the house for so long, they need to realize that nothing is owed to them, and they can be asked to leave at anytime.  We have also began to change the way we grocery shop.  No longer will the three of them be getting money to buy whatever they like.  Instead, I will accompany them and pay the vendors.  When the girls did the shopping, there never seemed to be any change left over, and there was not much to show for the things that they did buy.  To add on to the food issue, although I asked my mom not to send food for me, I had to ask for some last night for breakfast, because spaghetti and salami was on the menu.  I DO NOT eat pork.  That is a non negotiable.  I don't eat shellfish much either, but I don't mind picking out shrimp if I have to.  Pork is a no no. So my mom sent my sis over with some spaghetti and herring.  Muy delicioso, the only missing was bread and avocado.

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