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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kite Mimi Anrepo

So there is a cat that I really wanted to get.  He belongs to the director *Hagar's boyfriend.  He is the smaller of the two.  I named them **Mimi and Minou, because they didn't have any names.  I was supposed to be getting Mimi to come live with me at the other house.  We had to ease him into it, because otherwise he would run away.  Well Ms. B (one of the volunteers)  comes in and announces that she wants one of the cats, and she wants to give him another name.  Um wtf, I just told you what I call him!  Then today (9/15/11) she announces that she has named him Kyle, um I’m sorry I am not going to call him Kyle, especially not when I’ve been calling him Mimi for the past month and not when you've come in and laid claim to him as if he were rightfully yours.  I don’t really care for her.  She seems to have this weird helpless thing going on, and looks like she doesn't really wanna do much.  She even had the nerve to ask to borrow my shoes.  I felt like I couldn't say no, but I do not wear things with people.  I don’t like it, and there is nothing of yours that I want .  

*not her real name
**mimi is Kreyol for cat

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

M Resi Eseye Manje Oma

I am a huge foodie.  I love nothing more than finding new restaurants to dine at.  I also love Haitian food, so I knew that my stomach would be well taken care of whilst in Haiti.  I don't eat shellfish, but I figured when in Rome!

The verdict is in, I now know for sure, that I do not like lobster.  The flavor was tasty but I really didn't like the texture or the 'fishy taste'.  However, I am glad that I tried it.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Se Chill Nap Chill

The beach is a great chill spot especially on the weekend! I want to learn how to ride a moto!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

M Te Bezwen On Ti Break

A much needed break from my daily routine.

Jacmel's countryside

Why yes I am sitting precariously on a bench on the bed of a truck

Trip to the beach

Wicker chairs & beach umbrella living

Friday, December 9, 2011

Ki Sa Map Fe La

8/26/11 10:00am

Yesterday afternoon I was feeling very uninspired.  I realized that I am not someone who takes much initiative or who is innovative, at least not in a new role I’m not.  I don’t think I could be someone who runs a business.  I do better knowing what exactly I’m supposed to be doing, on a daily basis.  I don’t have a set schedule, and I’m kind of just around everyday unless there is something specific that I am doing with the girls or unless I’m in the maternity center.  This has led to me feeling like I’m not doing anything here and feeling useless/uninspired.  School is also not scheduled to start until October.  Um, what are these girls going to do for a month?  Up until yesterday, they were responsible for cooking the three daily meals.  Now that the cook is back, they won’t be doing that.  So I guess it’ll be a long month.  

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


8/27/11 3:30pm

We had soccer practice today, the girls were misbehaving and practice was cut short.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bagay Male

9/05/11 09:30 am

Feeling kind of pissy right now.  There hasn't been any running water for almost a week now.  The director is aware of this.  I’m not sure when the water in coming, but I’ve had to fill a couple of buckets to shower and flush the toilet.  Not happy about this at all.  This is not what I planned on doing in Haiti.  At least when I’m at my mother’s I get treated water to bathe with, and I am not walking up a flight of precarious cement stairs in order to have water.  I don’t know if there is anything wrong with bathing with rain water, but I have been feeling itchy lately.  Basically this is some bs and it needs to be rectified.

Bagay Sa Sonn Piyay

8/25/11 1:20am

Holy crap this is a lot of rain and I left my laptop open only to find it covered in raindrops.  Why won’t Haiti let me be great lol.  I think I might change rooms.  My original room gets great wind, but that also means it gets A LOT of rain.  I woke up to a very damp bad, and last I checked, I don’t pee in the bed.  I’m gonna ask about putting plastic tarp over the windows or something.  
There are also these animals that make quack like sounds, um wtf let me sleep.