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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gele Ayiti Bezwen on Mugabe Tou

Skype Convo with a friend in the states on Sept 9th

I went to cash a check, this guy who owns a bunch of businesses in Jacmel also cashes checks at his gas station. The director cashes her checks there & sent me there to cash min as well. When I get there, they're like "Oh well since we've never cashed a check for you before, we won't be able to do it", Im like "Of course you've never cashed a check for me, this is my first time here".  When they asked how I heard of them, I told them Hagar  (the director) & the Haitian guy that I was speaking to went to ask the white guy (owner) and he comes back & says "There isn't any money". I was gonna take out $100 so then I said ok, then can I take out $50? He's like "No, I can't because we've never cashed a check for you". I call Hagar & she's like "Oh well it's because they would lose out if the check doesn't clear so I'll just go with you later". I'm thinking 1. If you really thought that, why would you send me there knowing that they wouldn't cash it? 2. Why do I need her to vouch for me? 3. If i were white would they have cashed it with out all of the back & forth nonsense?

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