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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lunch is Served

Hello again!
Thanks for sticking around. I'm picking up right where I left off.

So, the one thing that I was especially nervous about when coming to Senegal, was the food. I can officially say that all my worrying was for naught. We went to this restaurant called Djembe, which is in downtown Dakar (It was really weird that we were one of the few customers). The service was excellent and the food was delicious. I ordered brochettes, which are fish kabobs. The fish was seasoned to perfection, moist and plentiful. 

A djembe is a very common drum across many countries in Africa.

Look at this deliciousness. The diced goodness on the left was a sort of slaw.

Apparently it is very common to eat fruit as a dessert in Senegal. I was so full, I could barely finish my bananas and pineapples.

I found it interesting that the owner was white, I'm not sure of his ethnicity or nationality though. Very courteous, and hospitable. Blame it on my unworldliness/naivete.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sights of Dakar

 We're finally in Dakar!! I liked Cape Verde, really I did but I am all about Senegal. And gosh darn it we're finally here. Take a look at the sights from my point of view.

The National Palace

Monday, February 4, 2013

Foot Meet Mouth

We didn't sleep because we had to leave the hostel at 4am. Our flight was super late and I was so tired. While at the Nelson Mandela Airport, speaking of which, my idea of Cape Verde has improved because of this homage to Mandela. I'm used to Cape Verdeans not acknowledging/embracing their Africanness. It was so awesome seeing the Senegalese men in the TCAV airport. I am in love with their traditional garb called boubou, especially the grand boubou. I just think it looks so regal and refined. 

So I made a major faux pas while waiting for our flight. I saw a young lady in the bathroom and I congratulated her. She said "Oh for what?' I said 'Your pregnancy". Wonder what her response was? Say it with me class. "Um I'm not pregnant". Cue to me stuttering and making a hasty exit out of the bathroom. Keep in mind this conversation is in French so it was even harsher. Leave it to me to put my sassy size seven and a half foot in my mouth.


We went to a hole in the wall restaurant to eat authentic Cape Verdean food. It took us over 20 minutes to find the restaurant. We walked by it several times, but when we finally made it we were psyched. The food took so long to come out, which my I'mHaitianandthereforeusedtospendinganexorbitantamounoftimewaitingforfoodsothat'snormal. 

Fresh from the sea

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Seeing Santiago

We drove around the town of Santiago and also stopped to visit Sidadi Velha, a former slave market.

I am always oddly fascinated by cacti, I'm not sure why