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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mizik Madi

Hi all,
Today is Music Tuesday.  I will discuss a Haitian artist or band, that I am really into and want to share.  You can all suggest music as well.  I always enjoy 'discovering' a new to me artist or song.  I will attempt to cover all genres.  

Today, I want to highlight a really great yet underrated singer, Jean Bernard Thomas.  He has a very soulful voice, and his songs and style is unlike many other Haitian artists.  His debut cd is called Ayiti Thomas.  There are two really hot songs that I have been enjoying since hearing the cd.  Click on the song title, and you will be taken to the video on Youtube.

The first song is "Pour les pays" which literally translates into "For the Country".  In this song he sings about the flag and the country.  He asks who is willing to die for it, and if we are working for it and trying to build it up.  He also says that we need to reunite and remember our history as the first successful black slave revolt.    

The second song is "Pouki", which is more of a ballad.  This song is about his lover/girlfriend who no longer wants to date him.  He is trying to figure out what he has done or what has happened to cause her to leave.  He is very much in love with her, and sad that she has left.  We find out later in the song that he is married 0_o.  

Hope you enjoy the songs as much as I do.  Also, feel free to suggest any artists that you think I should highlight.

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