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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mizik Madi

Hi all,
Today is Music Tuesday.  I will discuss a Haitian artist or band, that I am really into and want to share.  You can all suggest music as well.  I always enjoy 'discovering' a new to me artist or song.  I will attempt to cover all genres.  Today, I want to highlight one of my favorite Haitian bands; Carimi.  Kompa is my most favorite genre of Haitian music.  It can either be a ballad, with soft soothing melodies of love lost, desire, longing or even the dissolution of a relationship.  There are also the fast paced songs that cover these topics as well.  I love both the fast and slow songs.  Carimi was one of the first Kompa bands that I really fell in love with.  Their songs also improved my Kreyol vocabulary.  Can you imagine a teenaged version of me with bad Kreyol?  Yes, I know it's difficult to imagine, but try harder.  Carimi is the abbreviation of the first two letters of the three main singers names, Carlo, Richard and Michael.

The very first song that I remember falling in love with is Por Favor (click on the sing title to listen to the song).  The song details  how he trembles when he sees her, how he wants her to hold his hand tighter, mold her body to his.  He wants to know what he can do to talk to her.

Another favorite of mine is Confession, it's a fast paced song.  It talks about asking his girlfriend for forgiveness after she catches him cheating.  He remarks that he knows what he left but he doesn't know what he'll find.  He needs her to come back.  He keeps calling but she won't accept his calls.

I absolutely love the beat.

This song, Fanm Sa Move is another favorite, it's from their newest album Buzz.  It's a fresh song that highlights his attraction to this particular woman.  He loves the way she walks, the way she dresses, her style, there's just something about her that makes him so interested in her.  He can't shake the feelings that he has for her, he has to have her.

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