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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

M Rive Ayiti

10:02pm I am settled into the organization and laying in bed as I write this.  Whenever I come to Haiti, it is never a dull experience.  Baggage claim was so chaotic and it seemed as if I would never get my bags.  When I got outside and found the driver from the organization, I felt relief all at once, because that was a concern for me.  However that relief was short lived.  We got into a minor fender bender that escalated into a huge argument, because the other driver was extremely upset and cursing the organization’s driver.  When the organization’s driver tried to reason with him, it was met with more cursing and the most profanity laced creole that I have ever heard.  The other driver also stood in front of the truck to prevent us from leaving.  This went on for at least 20-25mins in the blazing mid day sun in the very busy airport parking lot.
I never really have expectations of the unknown.  The house is sparsely furnished and very clean.  I will be bunking with another woman, but our room is right off of a patio/balcony so that’s pleasant.  The first order of business in the morning, is to purchase a cell phone.  I’m very glad I left my chocolate at home; it would have melted even before leaving the airport.
We did English lessons today very short, and impromptu.  The girls were all giggling except for one who took it seriously and practiced along with the track.  I want to get some sort of schedule figured out but I don’t want to overdo it and be militant about starting a new way of doing things.

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