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Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Going Away Mixer

Hi all,
Hope you are all doing well.  I am so anxious, excited and jittery about my pending trip.  5 more days, can you believe it?  So nervous.  As you may know, I had my going away mixer last week.  It was a fun and laid back environment of friends, food and drinks.  I laughed until my belly ached, ate until I couldn't eat anymore and drank until I saw stars responsibly.  I am still working on my presentation, so hold on tight.

Here are highlights from that night, the full album is here.
Kim & Carline

So many things could be said about this picture

Lovely ladies

Old and new friends 

The fellas finally conceding to a picture

Johan was clearly the jokester that night

In a few short days, I'm gonna get the real thing :)

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