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Monday, February 4, 2013

Foot Meet Mouth

We didn't sleep because we had to leave the hostel at 4am. Our flight was super late and I was so tired. While at the Nelson Mandela Airport, speaking of which, my idea of Cape Verde has improved because of this homage to Mandela. I'm used to Cape Verdeans not acknowledging/embracing their Africanness. It was so awesome seeing the Senegalese men in the TCAV airport. I am in love with their traditional garb called boubou, especially the grand boubou. I just think it looks so regal and refined. 

So I made a major faux pas while waiting for our flight. I saw a young lady in the bathroom and I congratulated her. She said "Oh for what?' I said 'Your pregnancy". Wonder what her response was? Say it with me class. "Um I'm not pregnant". Cue to me stuttering and making a hasty exit out of the bathroom. Keep in mind this conversation is in French so it was even harsher. Leave it to me to put my sassy size seven and a half foot in my mouth.

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