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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Seeing Santiago

We drove around the town of Santiago and also stopped to visit Sidadi Velha, a former slave market.

I am always oddly fascinated by cacti, I'm not sure why

Would I be a good Haitian if I didn't take pictures with flowers every chance I got? Yeah I didn't think so either.

Town Square, I wonder if they had the slaves stand on the steps as they were poked, prodded and inspected?

I loved the entire table but the merchant was not willing to bargain, and all of her goods are from Senegal anyway so I decided to wait.

Cornmeal pastel, the flour ones are better but this was a nice snack. I could have handled the entire plate myself.

I wonder whose job it is to place those rocks up the side of the mountain. I saw several, it's a great way to reach the folks on the outskirts of town.

Can I move in?

No seriously, I'll even settle for a room.

These workout stations were everywhere, lots of different machines. 

I ran into the ocean and promptly ran right back out, much too cold



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