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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sights of Dakar

 We're finally in Dakar!! I liked Cape Verde, really I did but I am all about Senegal. And gosh darn it we're finally here. Take a look at the sights from my point of view.

The National Palace

An apartment building

The National Theater

We've arrived!

Voila Dakar!

I love the view. It's like stepping into an oasis.

Tour of the grounds

My bedroom
Here are some thoughts from a journal entry I wrote.
"The Savana Hotel is gorgeous. Seaside, pool, cool breeze, beautiful view and very comfortable. I love it already. Senegal is going to be a life changing trip. There were lots of white folks checking in. Mostly Francophone I believe. I'm especially happy to be in a modern hotel with white people. I think it's important that they see a black diasporic presence on the continent."

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