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Thursday, January 31, 2013


We went to this really chic restaurant for dinner. There was a live band playing a lot of classic Cape Verdean tunes. Our lone Cape Verdean quipped that the music was from his parent's generation. I loved it. Aside from food, music is one of my favorite introductions to other cultures.

Happy Holidays


This goat dish was so delicious and succulent.

The curry tuna was tasty too.

Cachupa rica is one of the main dishes of Cape Verde. It's made with beans, corn, spinach, carrots and a protein (tuna, pork or beef I think)

I had the grilled fish. It was very fresh but I think the flavor was too bland.

Our gorgeous & nice waitress

The band, the singer was jamming all night!

Oh, one thing that I noticed, is that we were the only black people eating in the restaurant. The other black people there were the employees. Just some food for thought.

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