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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

TAC who? TACV!

The flight was delayed, but after the wine I don't think I minded too much. We got real food (I was ravenous, sorry no pictures but it was like a beef stew with salad a roll and dessert) the first go round and then a sandwich the second time. I don't remember how long the flight was, I'm not sure if it's because I was sleeping off and on and every time I woke up we were still flying over one of the oceans or if it's because we switched timezones. Maybe a bit of both. Flying TACV (Cape Verde airline) was one of the most memorable flights of my life!! I always joke that all Cape Verdeans are related (they really are) but this flight just about proved me right. I've never seen such a boisterous flight before. So many people were up and mingling and going over to talk to other passengers. After a while I was a bit miffed. The young lady sitting next to me seemed to be pretty popular with the fellas. Every time I woke up, I found myself at eye level with some guy's crotch. Quite annoying. The flight attendants started chastising some passengers and asking them to return to their seats after a while. I wonder if it's normally like this, or if it was the excitement of the holidays that made everyone so merry.

Don't worry it's only apple juice.

Gorgeous aerial view of Cape Verde

Almost there!!

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