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Saturday, January 19, 2013

West Africa? Well Don't Mind If I Do!

Hello (waves ecstatically),
I am back and settled in. From where you ask? From West Africa, specifically Senegal and I spent about 2.5 minutes in Praia, Cape Verde. I had an awesome time. Praia was beautiful, the people were nice, the food was yummy and I was cold. Hehehe. Sounds weird that the Bostonian who left the States at the end of December is complaining about the weather in West Africa, but I really was cold. The sweaters that you will see in upcoming posts are not for show my friends. I had many interesting experiences in Senegal. Some awesome and some not so awesome. My trip was not life changing in the least bit, nor did I expect it to be. I met many wonderful people that I hope to stay connected with. My taste buds are still singing the praises of Senegalese food. I have so many beautiful souvenirs to remind me of the culture, people and teranga (hospitality/generosity) of Senegal. Come join me on this adventurous trip from the coast of West Africa to the former capital of French West Africa.

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