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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cheers to the Freaking Trip!!!

Bom dia!
That's Cape Verdean for hello/good day/good morning. Since I'm on my way to Cape Verde I might as well use some of the limited vocabulary. We're a group of 5. Prior to the trip I didn't know any of the other participants. After almost three decades of life on this sometimes lovely planet we call Earth, I have learned a thing or two about myself. One very relevant lesson, is that I don't do well under restriction or when forced to socialize with others. Yes, I know sound a little psychopathic. I love people, I love learning about everyone's story and what has shaped them to become who they are today; but I don't like having to be on. Clearly I've never done well in the diplomatic aspects of relationships, work and well life. Still a work in progress folks. Back to Cape Verde, we flew to Cape Verde, because it is a direct flight from Boston(who knew?!). We'll spend two days in Praia and then fly to Dakar, that is about an hour flight. The fact that there are that many Cape Verdeans in Massachusetts and Rhode Island to necessitate a direct flight from Logan Airport to Cape Verde is awesome, and it isn't Delta or American Airlines or that godawful clunker Spirit!! Errrmmm Haiti can we get on this ASAP?! Enjoy the airport pics below.

What better way to kill time than to imbibe in some adult grape juice?

I'm ready!!

Drinking alone is never fun.


  1. Lol...being on all the time is frightful. I missed socialization 101 in grade school. Love this!

  2. I hate it w a passion girl. I stink at it too because I'm horrible at faking the funk.