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Monday, November 28, 2011

Map Al Ayiti

08/22/11 10:48am 
En route to Haiti. I’m really excited and can’t wait to begin.  I just hope that the way the program is being run is relatively smooth and professional.  The director seems like a really nice person who I should be able to get along with.  I hope that the girls and the house staff are accepting of me and it is an easy transition.  I am currently wearing cut off shorts and a long tunic, the idea of it was great, but now I am beginning to question my choice.  My outfit is not professional at all, and I hope it doesn't make a bad 1st impression.  I’m also wary about the long ride that lays ahead, because I’ve been sitting on my bum for the past 6hrs and now I’ll be sitting for a couple more hours.  No bueno, I feel like chop suey. (Edited: I don't even know what that means lol)
I feel as if the stars are all aligning in my life.  Professionally that is.  I am very much interested in entering the nurse midwifery field, and I am sure that my experience with the organization will allow me to learn and grow both professionally and personally.  I’m a little concerned about what my schedule will look like.  Although the majority of my time will be spent working at the organization, I do plan on spending time with my family and socializing with my peers.  However I know that I can be a bit of a worrywart so I am going to try very hard to go with the flow.

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